Yanni: New Age/Ambient Music & Humanity

Ambient Music

More than anything the following equation might suggest, new age/ambient music plus humanity is equal to Yanni. Born Yiannis Chryssomallis, Yanni dazzled the world with his concert in September 1993, dubbed as Yanni – Live at the Acropolis, which featured as stunning background the 2,000-year-old Herodes Atticus Theater. And, still, the breakthrough concert did more than that. As one writer stated, in trying to describe the genius of Yanni’s new age/ambient music, “It is like listening to the soundtrack of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with a sprinkle of Chariots of Fire theme song, and a dash of Chinese folk music. It’s just so culturally challenging and awakening!”

Yes, more than anything that’s ever been said about the man and his musical genius, Yanni has always taken his new age/ambient music to where he wants the whole of humanity to be led to. This may be the ultimate ideation of his “one world, one people” philosophy. And the man isn’t finished yet.

Top these: Yanni’s got at least a dozen No. 1 in Billboard’s “Top New Age Album Category”; a couple of albums has received Grammy nominations; and his albums sold platinum and gold sales all over the world. We haven’t even touched yet on the fundraising concerts and activities he organized worldwide. His compositions have become a staple in various sports competitions as well as sports commercials.

Yanni’s brand of new age/ambient music utilizes exotic and culturally-diverse instruments which challenge the conventional musical sensibilities of different people in all walks of life.

According to wikipedia.org, Yanni has stated that New Age [per se] is “a spiritual definition more than a musical definition.” This principle of understanding new age/ambient music may be the secret on why Yanni’s compositions endure both as important markers the entire New Age Movement itself and as a contemporary form of musical art which has been widely recognized and embraced by humanity in the mainstream of an ever-dynamic global culture.

Thus, Yanni is the unity of new age music and humanity. He has boldly stepped forward to carry the torch of proclaiming to the whole world his continuing efforts to fuse “music with mankind” and, thereby, make possible the realization of his “one world, one people” dream.

Perhaps, we can only close this article by trying to get your earphones or your music players out and listen to one Yanni’s monumental new age/ambient music. Yes, it will inspire you. It will make you see the world differently. And what’s more important, in a subtle sort of way, wherever you are, whoever you’re with, and whatever you’re doing right now – Yanni’s new age music will heal you. Because each one of us is part of his dream for humanity.