Daniel Lanois

Ambient Music

When talking about a talent, one the most respected name in the industry of ambient music is Daniel Lanois. He is a total performer from being a record artist to being a producer. And until recently, he is still active and continuing the passion of his life.

He was born on September 19, 1951 in Quebec, now he was a renowned record producer due to his numerous productions, also a known guitarist, a singer and a composer of his very own music. Although known for producing and releasing albums of his own work, he continued the job and made it a business. Now, he is also working as a producer of albums of various artists in the entertainment industry. Some of these artists were Brandon Flowers and Willie Nelson.

In fact, in the industry, three of his co-produced albums won the Grammy Award as album of the year and numerous others were also nominated.

He started his career in the year 1976 when he started singing and playing instruments. His genres are rock and alternative rock.

As a recording artist in the field, Lanois also ventured in songwriting and being a musician. In fact, he had released numerous solo albums and song themes. Some of his songs were even covered by other artists such as Tea Party and Isabelle Boulay. His success is mostly notable in Canada since this is his home court.

Some of his noted achievements were when he premiered a documentary in the year 2007 in Toronto Film Festival. His documentary was entitled “Here Is What Is”. The film was named the same with the recording album of its soundtrack. The album was downloadable by then however, later; they released a compact disc version of it.

Another venture in the life our artist is when he joined a project entitled Black Dub. In here, he was on the guitar; together with him are Brian Blade for drums and Daryl Johnson playing with bass and the singer Trixie Whitley and released a self-titled album by the year 2010.

Recently, Lanois played as a sideman with Emmylou Harris in an opening act on a tour focused on the Wrecking Ball material which he himself produced.

As a producer, he started when he was young; he worked with his brother in the basement of their mother’s home in Canada. When he already earned income, he started Grant Avenue Studios in an old house which he purchased in their hometown. He started with talents like local bands to include his sister’s band and other Canadian local singers.

Together with another producer, Brian Eno, they collaborated for a project which covered a song for a film adaptation of Dune by Frank Herbert. This served as his stepping stone for a bigger market, and again; he was invited by Eno to co-produce U2’s The Joshua Tree. In 1987, this album won the Grammy Award as Album of the year and some other songs of the band.

He continued his work with Eno and U2 and by this time, he was also involved in songwriting processes and mixing. This involvement led him to being hired in album producing artists and the success continues.

Now, he is one of the well respected names in the entertainment industry because of his contribution to music and the production. His trademarks are his big and live drum which creates an atmospheric guitar sounds and reverie aura. Due to his contributions, he was named by the Rolling Stone as the most important record producer to emerge in the Eighties.