Brian Eno

Ambient Music

Born on 15th day of May in the year 1948, his original name is Brian Peter George Eno. He is one of the most respected names in the entertainment industry, specializing in ambient music. He is an English musician, also a composer and a well-known producer and singer. He is also one of the foundations of ambient music.

His early musical career revolved in his school, Winchester School of Art. In this institution, he used a tape recorder as an instrument and this was also the time when he experimented with his band. This institution built the early foundations of his career by joining in plays, orchestras and even recital. All of these honed the early Brian Eno.

For three years, 1971-1973, he began his professional career as a member of the well-known band Roxy Music. Though not usually appearing in the stage with the other members, he is the person behind the scene with his talent in processing the band’s sound. Later, he progressed and appeared on the stage together with the others. However, due to disagreement and boredom of the lifestyle, he ended his stay with the band.

However short-lived, he considered his stay in the Roxy Music as an opening door in the world of music. His stay in the band earned him solo albums and credited only as Eno. This is the beginning of his solo career.

After he left the band, he ventured on being a solo artist and with the span of four years; he had made four albums, mostly in an ambient instrumental style. These four albums later on were recreated and released in 2004. However, due to difference in style, some of his works were proposed to be edited but Eno did not agree with that so some of these songs were not released.

Further, he continued advancing his career by producing albums which are highly ambient and acoustic in nature. Thus, due to this, he is highly regarded as one of the fathers of ambient music. He said that this aims a low-volume music which is specially styled to alternate perception with the environment, following the term ambiance.

He continued producing music with the same style and even co-produced some with other producers as well. Some of them are Lanois and Laraaji.

By the 20th century, ambient music is regarded as one the known styles in the music industry. He continued producing more albums and one of these is the album entitled Another Day on Earth. This differs from the previous ones he had produced since this time; he used electronic styles for innovation.

Recently, he is involved in several films and movies. One of the most famous films which he scored is the Peter Jackson’s Film adaptation of The Lovely Bones.

This year, 2014, together with Karl Hyde of Underworld, he released Someday World which features different musicians as guests. After few weeks, a second project was announced and was titled High Life and was released last June.

His contributions to music industry are not only limited in ambient music as he was also involved in different industries as musician. He also composed the music for Windows 95 project in 1994 and the person behind the six-second start-up music in Windows 95.

Aside from these, he was also involved in wide scope of industry from video cameras and arts. Now, he is referred as one of the most influential artist and the inventor and contributor of ambient music.